What happened to my Favorites Button?


The 'my favorites' button enables you to access your favorites using just one click. That saves time and helps you to avoid the complexities involved in accessing many menus before reaching your favorites. The favorite's button is contained in the favorites bar. This favorite's bar is located on the menu bar. The menu bar has these options:

Though the favorite's button may go missing, there are steps you can follow to restore permanently the button.

The First Method, move straight to the 'Menu Bar' and select Favorites

The 'favorites bar' has many icons. Some of the main icons are the STAR icon that indicates the favorites. The STAR icon operates similarly to the 'favorites' on the menu bar. When the favorite's button goes missing, it makes your access to your favorites list tedious.

To reinstall the Favorites bar you should start by clicking on ALT.

This click will temporarily bring up the menu bar. When the menu bar is brought up, you should then click on VIEW to check a dropdown menu. On this drop-down menu, select TOOLBARS and slide to the right. That will take you to the "Favorites bar" on which you should click. Once you click on it, the Favorites Bar is reinstalled completely. The Favorites button in the Internet Explorer is identified with the use of a yellow star. This star appears on the favorites bar.

To get the favorites button in Internet Explorer 9 Beta, you should press Ctrl + Shift + I.

This automatically brings back your favorites yellow star button. That is the easiest method. However, there are other methods you may use to get the button back.


The second method you may use is checking under toolbars

Open Internet Explorer and then press the Alt key.

Then click on VIEW and select the TOOLBARS. Here you will find the favorite bar. Click on the favorite bar and find the favorites icon. Right-click on the icon and restore it permanently.

The third method to get back your favorites button is by checking under the explorer bar.

Open your Internet Explorer and then press the ALT key. Proceed to click on VIEW and select the Explorer bar. From this bar click on Favorites and restore the 'favorites' button.

Due to the existence of many devices, operating systems, and browsers, the process of restoring your 'favorite's button' varies significantly. However, the basic steps are similar in almost all the devices. Thus, you may use the same procedure no matter the device or browser you have. There are times when simple errors cause the button to disappear. Hence, you may start by re-launching your browser or restarting your device. However, if the button does not reappear, you may then consider the recovery processes.

One of the steps that you should never skip before doing anything else is to check your recycle bin to make sure that the button was not accidentally deleted. If you had synchronized your devices, you might connect them and transfer all your bookmark information from the unaffected device. Be sure to get rid of the old files from the backup or put them in a marked folder. This elimination will reduce chances of any confusion when using the newer version from the backup.

The favorite's button is important because it enables you to access your favorite sites quickly and easily. Hence, set a backup for your bookmarks always and all other data to avoid complete loss. With the backups, you can access your bookmarks anytime and everytime.


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