Is Your Favorites Toolbar Missing Since Installing Windows 10?

Just Upgraded to Windows 10?

If Your Favorites bar is Missing Since You Installed Windows 10

If you have installed Windows 10, chances are good that one of the first things you noticed was Microsoft Edge. In short, Microsoft Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer, thus making it the default browser that comes with all copies of Windows 10. However, it is important to note that it will not import your favorites on its own, meaning that you need to take action if your favorites toolbar has been missing ever since you installed Windows 10.

Was your Favorites bar turned off?

How Can You Turn On and Off the Favorites Bar?

Fortunately, turning on and off the favorites bar in Microsoft Edge is a simple and straightforward matter. You start by clicking on the ‘More actions’ button, which is the fourth of the four buttons in the upper right corner of the screen.This will bring up a list of options. Choose ‘Settings’ at the end of the list, locate ‘Choose a theme,’ and then locate ‘Show the favorites bar.’ Toggling this switch should let you turn on your favorites bar in Microsoft Edge if it is missing.

It is interesting to note that you can also turn on and off your favorites bar in Microsoft Edge by making changes to your Windows Registry, which stores low-level settings for the operating systems as well as other applications. However, this is not recommended unless you know what you are doing because even a small mistake can cause serious problems that will prove both complicated and time-consuming to fix.

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How Can You Import Your Favorites?

However, knowing how to turn on and off your favorites bar in Microsoft Edge is not enough because it will not import your favorites on its own. In fact, it doesn’t even store its favorites in the same location as its predecessor since you can find the links to your Internet Explorer favorites stored in %USERPROFILE%\Favorites\, whereas you need to dig deep into %USERPROFILE%\AppData\ if you want to do the same for Microsoft Edge.

Regardless, the simplest and most straightforward method for bringing your favorites over to Microsoft Edge’s favorites bar is to use its ‘Import favorites’ function. Go to the ‘Hub’ button, which is the first of the four buttons in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose ‘Favorites,’ click on ‘Import favorites,’ check the browsers from which you want to import your favorites, and then click on the ‘Import’ button to finish the process.

If you want to import favorites from a browser that is not supported by Microsoft Edge’s ‘Import favorites’ function, you can still do so by spending a little more time and effort. In short, you can export their favorites as a HTML file, import it to one of the supported browsers, and then import the favorites to Microsoft Edge using its ‘Import favorites’ function.


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